My name is Tim Garrett, and I am the lead Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at Total Nutrition and Dietetics, PLLC. As an RDN, I am passionate about using the skills I have developed over the course of my life in fitness, nutrition, dietetics, wellness, medical nutrition therapy, nutrition care, food systems, life coaching, and martial arts to help clients live long and prosper.

At the same time, I have worked in conjunction in the automotive manufacturing industry for decades as a business professional in crucial management roles, including manufacturing, engineering, quality, auditing, training, sales, purchasing, and project management. I have a proven track record of creativity and continuous improvement. I understand the difficulties of fitting wellness and time for ‘us’ into ‘our’ very complex, busy, and ever-changing lives.

Much misinformation exists about health, wellness, diet, disease, and exercise. My affiliates and I are excited to plow through the misinformation and share the latest evidence-based information and research with our clients.

Let us help you succeed on your health & wellness journey toward a more meaningful existence and reaching your goals.